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Welcome to our new website

  We know you had probably noticed but were too polite to say it… our website was a little tired and in need of a new lease of life wasn’t it?! We've recently noticed a huge shift in the way in which our customers like to do their shopping and a large proportion of you are now viewing and...
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Season’s Greetings from Foulgers Dairy!

So the Coca Cola advert is playing, the Toys 'R' Us theme tune is being hummed in households across town and fairy lights are popping up in streets everywhere. Yes the Festive season has finally arrived and so should of your Christmas order forms. Many of the fantastic items available are sourced locally from extremely reputable...
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The benefits of supporting your local farmers and producers

All of the milk and dairy products (and many of our household and grocery items) that are available for a doorstep delivery from Foulgers are locally sourced and therefore have many benefits for both the farmer, producer and you the buyer. When you purchase locally sourced dairy, meat or produce you’re providing a market for local producers where...
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New Website Launched!

All of our customers know, that without a shadow of doubt, delivering first class customer service is the most important part of our company ethos. Maybe this is why our customers remain loyal and for this we are extremely grateful. One of the first ports-of-call for many existing and prospective customers is our website and we...
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Cream! Glorious Cream!

The Nation's Favourite Dessert Accompaniment

If it’s your turn to entertain family and friends with a fabulous meal, you will need a show stopping dessert to impress your guests with and quite usually this will involve lashings of the nation’s favourite dessert accompaniment of cream. To help you make the best of your dessert this article gives...
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Raw/Processed Milk

Raw Milk

Before pasteurisation all milk was raw milk. Historically, although there are well documented health benefits associated with drinking raw milk, there were also health risks with drinking raw milk. These were particularly tuberculosis, brucellocis, and bad bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter. When pasteurisation was introduced, it sterilised the milk of these...
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