Keep it cool with some milkshake madness

When you experience a summer like we have so far there is only one thing for it. Yes a good old milkshake to help keep us cool on these hot and humid days.
They are not only simple to make, you can literally add just about any flavour combination that takes your fancy but first let’s...
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Local honey creates a buzz!

It’s estimated that about 1/3 of all human food supply depends on pollination and without bees the process of pollination would be very long winded and time consuming. It’s no wonder then that there is worldwide concern about the decline in our bee population. Pollination happens when the bees are out and about on their everyday...
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Is raw milk for you?

There are many reasons why people might choose raw milk over pasteurised milk, and different people will resonate with different reasons, ranging from nutritional to ethical to environmental.

One thing is clear though, the raw milk debate still continues to divide opinion.

What is Raw Milk?
The vast majority of milk consumed in the UK (and worldwide) is...
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Easter is a time of celebration and that calls for cake!

Easter is all about three things; family, friends, and food! Okay, so it’s not just about these things, but they play an important part in our Easter celebrations. Whether you celebrate Easter for its religious roots or you simply enjoy the sentiment of Easter, you’re going to need a delicious cake recipe up your sleeve, ready for...
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