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Retro or perfectly cheesy – did the fondue ever really fall out of fashion?

Creamy, gooey and indulgent, the 60’s cheese fondue celebrates communal eating at its finest. Not just for celebrations, a central bowl of hot melted cheese and an array of accompaniments makes for an excellent meal. Originally conceived to turn old ends of cheese and stale bread into something more substantial; the beauty of a fondue...
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Baked goods from The Galley now available at Foulgers Dairy!

We are delighted to announce that we are now proud suppliers of delicious baked goods from The Galley, Woodbridge. A family-run restaurant in the heart of Woodbridge, Suffolk, The Galley is renowned for its fine-dining fusion menu. Chef Patron Uğur Vata, opened The Galley in Ipswich in 1994...
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How to create the perfect cheeseboard

Is a feast without a finale of cheese, a feast at all?

Creating a cheeseboard can feel like a bit of treat but they are an excellent way to enjoy your favourites or incorporate new cheeses. Plus, you can use up what you’ve got to hand in the fridge and empty the cupboards of any...
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Warm and comforting autumn bakes

Autumn - the season of colour, mellow sunshine, long shadows and delectable bakes.

2020 has been a somewhat unusual and testing year for us all. It has seen us in social confinement but also spending more time exploring long walks in the Suffolk countryside, and what delights we can produce in our kitchens. Some...
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The Crickmore family have been farming the land at Fen Farm for three generations! Their passion and commitment to delivering the best food in the world, straight from nature to your plate, shines through in the quality of their delicious products. You may have spotted Baron Bigod and other Fen Farm Dairy products on our website,...
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As we all know, water is essential to life and overall well-being. Research has found that even mild dehydration may affect our mood and ability to focus. As water makes up around 60% of our body weight, and is involved in every single process in our body, it’s no surprise that the NHS recommends 1.2...
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