There are many great ways to enjoy a drop of milk, in your tea, coffee or in your cereal. But, however you consume your daily dairy, there’s one way in particular that stands above the rest… from a glass bottle! Glass milk bottles offer a wide range of benefits that traditional bottles can’t.

Here’s 5 reasons to choose glass when you buy milk:

Glass milk bottles contain farm fresh milk

Packaging for food and drinks has a big impact on the overall quality. When your milk arrives in a glass bottle from Foulgers Dairy, you know it’s come from a farm and can be from the cow to your table in as little as 24 hours! This quick turnaround greatly increases the shelf life.

Glass milk bottles stay colder

Glass bottles keep milk cold longer. Colder milk is tastier milk!

Glass milk bottles are better for the environment

Glass is 100% recyclable and it can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity! Once you finish a delicious bottle of milk, give it a quick rinse and leave it out for collection for your roundsman.

By purchasing your milk in reusable glass bottles you’re doing your part in helping to preserve the local area. Using glass bottles ultimately cuts down on the amount of waste going into landfills which, in turn, promotes sustainability in our world.

Glass milk bottles are more visually appealing

We all want our meals to look appealing. A simple way to enhance your morning routine is by using glass bottles. Whether there’s something old fashioned and nostalgic about them or simply love the aesthetic, we can all agree that they look classy on the dining room table!

Did you know… UK dairy farmers produce around 14 billion litres of milk each year. Some is sold for drinking and some goes into dairy products such as cheese, butter and dried milk powder, which is a vital component of many other food products.

Glass milk bottles are healthier

Other bottles have the risk of melting or having chemicals seep into their contents, but not glass bottles! They are made from natural materials and is the only packaging material that is considered completely safe by the FDA.

If you would like to move back to milk supplied in glass bottles, contact us today to arrange your next delivery.


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