Isn’t summer glorious? With earlier sunrises and warmer temperatures, birds suddenly seem louder and livelier – you may even spot a few new faces in your garden too! Although we may associate feeding our garden friends in the colder months, to create a thriving bird population they need our support all year round.

Many of the birds seen in Britain’s urban gardens can be spotted any time of the year, but you’ll notice that their activity will change with the arrival of warmer weather. It’s because of the increasingly appetising buffet provided for garden birds that there’s a rising number and great diversity of species in Britain’s landscape.

Here’s how to continue to help them survive and thrive in our gardens and beyond:

Should I provide more than one type of food?

If you’re looking to attract a wide range of birds to your back garden, then the best way is to offer a variety of high-quality food types, in a range of different feeders around your garden.

That way they’ll get their fair share of the nutrients they need and provide plenty of entertainment for you to watch too!

Did you know… The total acreage of gardens in the UK is huge – it actually exceeds that of all UK nature reserves put together! 

Is bird food quality important when feeding?

Absolutely! It’s essential that the seeds you offer are of the highest quality and cleanliness. Much like their human counterparts, birds won’t want to tuck into stale seed that has been in a bag or on a shelf for months on end. Yuck!

At Foulgers Dairy, all our bird food is made from high-quality ingredients and aims to provide a mix of vital nutrients that every healthy bird needs.

What’s in a high-quality bird seed mix?

High-quality seed mixes will contain a good percentage of nutritious, high-oil seeds like black sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, peanuts, peanut granules, oil seed rape and niger seed.

Types of Bird Food

The bird food that you offer will by some extent be determined by the feeder you have. For example, sunflower seeds and seed mixes are most commonly offered in a hanging tube feeder.

If you’re enjoying watching the birds in your garden, don’t forget that the RSPB bird identifier lists 406 species of birds found in the UK – the perfect way to get to know your new visitors better!

If you’d like to find out more about local delivery in your area, or discuss placing an order with Foulgers Dairy, please call our friendly team on 01473 784999.

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