Foulgers are proud to support local producers!

Our aim has always been to supply a wide range of goods locally sourced where possible, and to provide a quality service that meets our customers' needs.

When you purchase locally sourced products you’re providing a market for local producers where they can get a fair price. Most local food producers are small or ‘micro’ businesses (less than 10 staff) which can’t, at least at the start, distribute more widely. So local food can help existing and new businesses to grow and bring new products to market too.

By buying local food you are helping smaller, and usually more traditional, businesses to survive in an increasingly specialised and intensive marketplace. More of your 'food pound' goes to the producer so they, in turn, can earn a decent living without needing to grow bigger or to work more intensively to stay in business. This keeps the countryside more diverse, especially where it has been shaped by centuries of farming traditions, and so protects the landscape character. Your local food might also be organic, which can help look after the soil and boost local wildlife as the need to use pesticides is also eliminated.

In a nut shell, buying local not only benefits the producer, the local economy and the environment. It can also benefit you, it's a win-win for everyone!

Our list of locally sourced produce for doorstep delivery is continuing to grow and we are delighted to introduce you to some of our local suppliers:

Stour Valley Apiaries Limited

Kevin and Julie Thorn of Stour Valley Apiaries in Lavenham, Suffolk, are passionate about producing great natural honey from their own beehives. They take pride in the welfare of their bees and work with them so that the needs of both the beekeeper and the bees are met. They produce both runny and creamed honey, straight from the hive which is raw and unfiltered. We can honestly say this is the best honey we have ever tasted, which is probably why the award winning Great House Restaurant in Lavenham choose Kevin and Julie's honey to produce their fabulous desserts.

Buy Stour Valley Apiaries Honey here:

Fen Farm Dairy

Award winning Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore of Fen Farm Dairy in Bungay have been farming the land at Fen Farm for three generations and love what they do! Their herd of happy Montbeliarde and Friesian cows graze the beautiful marshlands of the Waveney River Valley in Suffolk producing delicious raw milk as well as the finest cheese, raw cultured butter and raw cream. Their Baron Bigod cheese is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK and has won multiple awards.

Shop for Raw Milk products here:

James White Fruit Juices

For more than 25 years, James White has been tasting, testing and experimenting to bring you their most delicious range of juices yet. Based on White's Fruit Farm in Ashbocking, they have amassed a large number of awards and accolades, but their Royal Warrant is by far the most widely-known. In 2002 Big Tom was singled out and awarded the Royal Warrant by HM Queen Elizabeth II. If it's good enough for the Queen we are sure that you will find it just as tasty!

Take a look at the full range here:

Havensfield Happy Hens

Havensfield Happy Hens started in 2003 with just 300 hens on a field in Eye, Suffolk. Since then they have increased their own production of free range eggs and started working with a number of other farmers in Suffolk and Norfolk, who produce eggs to the Havensfield standards on their family farms. The eggs are laid, graded and delivered to us weekly meaning we can beat anyone, from hen to doorstep for freshness! The feed used by Havensfield Farm for their chickens is fully UFAS accredited, from local mills. The chickens are completely free-range, with access to feed and water all day long.

Add eggs to your basket here:

You can add and pay for any additional items to your normal order for local delivery through our website, please do take a look at our full range of products here. We thank you once again for your continued support and hope you enjoy the local products available as much as we do.

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