Pancake Day

Who doesn’t love Pancake Day (or to go by it’s traditional name, Shrove Tuesday)?! On February 28th, we'll all be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, ferociously flipping pancakes and eating them, that's if they don't get stuck on the ceiling!

These delicious little circles of joy couldn’t be any easier to make but if you are anything like us and something of a novice, then the following recipe should get you well on your way to making the perfect pancake! All that’s left to decide, is what mouth watering toppings you’ll be adding to your pancakes this February?

To make about 10 pancakes, you’ll need:

110g (4oz) plain flour

2 eggs

200ml (7fl oz) milk

75ml (3fl oz) water

Pinch of salt

Butter (for cooking)

Start by sifting your flour into a mixing bowl. Don’t be tempted to skip this step, it’s going to make sure your pancakes are light, fluffy & lump free. Add a pinch of salt.

Make a little well in the middle & crack your eggs into it. Whisk together.

Mix your milk & water together and slowly add to your flour, while whisking.

Keep stirring until you’re left with a smooth, thin batter. It should be the consistency of slightly thick milk.

When you’re ready, heat a frying pan & add a blob of butter. Swish it around your pan & when it’s bubbling, add a ladle of your batter.

Cook for about a minute until you start seeing little air pockets rise & the edges start to brown a little. Flip it over (as extravagantly as you like!) and cook the other side for the same amount of time.

When it’s done, slide it onto your plate & voila! The perfect pancake.

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