Forget a French brie or camembert – us Brits create an incredibly versatile selection of cheeses like no-one else and some of the finest, delicious creations are on our doorstep (literally!) right here in Suffolk, England.

In the 16thcentury Suffolk had a respectable reputation for their fine cheeses, and thanks to the dedication of multiple excellent, local cheese-makers our humble East Anglian county is still on the map for our cheesy goodness.

Do you know your roquefort from your raclette? If so, it’s likely that you’re a self-professed cheese lover! From incredible farms across the county, we’ve rounded up the very best cheese Suffolk has to offer, all delivered to your doorstep from Foulgers Dairy.

Suffolk Gold

Suffolk Gold is a traditionally made, artisan, pasteurised cows’ milk cheese, which is produced by Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses in Coddenham. This creamy semi-hard farmhouse cheese possesses a creamy delicate flavour, a unique golden colour and excellent melting properties.

Suffolk Blue

The Suffolk Blue also is carefully handmade by Katharine from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, using traditional methods. The Suffolk Blue is a creamy lightly blue-veined cheese, and whilst the blue veining is seasonal in appearance, the depth of flavour remains.

It’s a soft and luxurious cheese that comes very highly recommended from cheese-lovers in the county!

Did you know… Suffolk Gold, Suffolk Blue and Suffolk Brie are all made with a vegetarian rennet and are made from pasteurised milk!

Suffolk Brie

The locally produced Suffolk Brie is the perfect choice for those that thoroughly enjoy a creamy, delicately flavoured Brie with a rich golden colour. With recipes tried and tested over many years, the Suffolk Brie is a fridge staple for all local cheese-lovers!

Baron Bigod

The award-winning Baron Bigod is the only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK! It’s a creamy, white bloomy-ring cheese handmade on Fen Farm Dairy by Jonny and the team, from their own raw Montbeliarde cow’s milk.

It has a distinct, smooth silky texture and a golden curd, with long lasting warm earth, farmyard and mushroom flavours. Delicious!

Want to try one of the best cheeses that Suffolk has to offer? Feast your eyes on the range of cheeses from Foulgers Dairy.

Plus, check local delivery here or call our friendly team on 01473 784999 to discuss placing an order with Foulgers Dairy.

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