What are the best foods to eat in the heat?

It’s been a scorcher and staying cool in this weather can be difficult. We’re all keeping windows and curtains closed to keep the heat out, drinking plenty of water, and ensuring we’re not travelling unnecessarily. We’re protecting ourselves from the heat by sitting in the shade where possible and avoiding sitting outside in the peak sunlight hours too. However, dehydration and overheating are still a worry, and we always wonder if we could be doing more.

Did you know that there are some ingredients and drinks that can help beat the heat and stay hydrated? Try incorporating some of these into your everyday routine to stay cool when a heatwave hits!

Hot drinks

Drinking a hot drink is generally considered as a great way to cool you down – unless it’s very humid then it’s best to avoid them and stick to cold. A cup of tea or coffee will lower the amount of heat inside your body, this makes you sweat more and when it evaporates from the skin it cools the body. So, really there is no excuse not to have a cuppa!


If you’re feeling sluggish then a banana is a great way to boost your energy and will keep you going during the day. Bananas are also great for water absorption in the body due to their astringent nature, meaning they are great in hot weather to help your body cool down.


As cucumbers are mostly made of water, they are a great refreshing snack to have during the summer. Cucumbers can help to rid your body of toxins as well as being great for hydration. You can also gently rub cucumbers on sunburn to help reduce the itching or alternatively, lay the slices on your skin for 20 minutes and let your body soak in their juice. Leave this on for a while before washing it off.


Not only are cucumbers great for you in the summer but so are salad ingredients in general. This is due to their hydrating properties and ability to fill you up without being overindulgent, which can leave you feeling like you have a low energy. Tomatoes, berries, leafy greens, and watermelon are all great hydrating foods that can keep you feeling more energised in this weather.


Surprisingly, onions are a great food to add to your meals during that heat as they contain potassium and sodium which helps keep you hydrated. Onions can also be good for summer ailments such heat rashes, as they are thought to have anti-histamine-like properties that can help ease rashes and bites. Adding an onion to your lunch or dinner might help you feel better in the excessive heat.

Ice lollies

This is an obvious one but, in this heat, you want to avoid doing unnecessary trips to the supermarket, so you might want to make your own lollies at home. You can use juices, milkshakes, yoghurts and fizzy drinks to make the lollies, whatever you have in the house – you can even add fruit!

However, if you don’t have any moulds there are a few crafty solutions! You can use yoghurt pots, ice cube trays, and plastic cups, or a place some cling film in a muffin tin or something similar and fill with your desired lolly filling, then use it just as you would any other mould by placing it in the freezer to set. They can take 6-8 hours to freeze so make them first thing in the morning ready for the late afternoon.



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