foulgerdiary-vanIf you run a small catering business or cafe, we have a range of products available for regular delivery to your door. For further information and prices please contact Adrian Foulger at or call us on 01473 784999.


Semi Retail Products

Description Size
Pergal Whole Semi Skimmed Milk 3 Gal
Whole /Semi/Skimmed Milk 2 Ltr
Soya Milk 1 Ltr
UHT Whole/Semi/Skimmed 500ml
Organic Milk Whole/Semi/Skimmed 2 Ltr
Crème Fraiche 2.5kg
Clotted Cream 1kg
Greek Yogurt 2.5kg
Natural Yogurt 2.5kg
Mascarpone Cheese 2kg
Grated Mozzarella 2kg
Mild Cheddar 5kg (Weighed)
Mature Cheddar 5kg (Weighed)
Grated Mild Cheddar 2kg
Grated Mature Cheddar 2kg
Stilton 2kg (Weighed)
Stilton Wedge 200g
Full Fat Soft Cheese 2kg
Cottage Cheese 2kg
Philadelphia 1.6kg
Baron Bigod (Unpasturized Cheese) 2kg/1kg
Soft Catering Spread 2kg
Flora Spread 2kg
Jam Portions 96 X 20g
Marmalade Portions 96 X 20g
Butter Portions No 7
Eggs Medium Size 5 and 15 Doz
Hovis White Thick And Medium
Hovis Wholemeal Thick And Medium
Hovis Best Of Both Thick And Medium