Benefits of Fresh Milk

Purchasing fresh organic bottled milk from a local producer has several benefits over store-bought milk. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying fresh milk for yourself.

Lasts Longer

Organic bottled milk is sterilised at very high temperatures before it is sold. This ensures that the milk has a longer shelf life compared to regular store-bought milk. Fresh milk from local dairy producers lasts up to two months longer than store-bought milk, which can prove to be more economical in the long run. In addition, sterilisation allows fresh milk to keep its sweetness for much longer, whereas store-bought milk loses its flavour more rapidly.

More Nutritious

While the high temperatures of sterilisation do lead to the loss of some enzymes and nutrients found in raw and store-bought milk products, it does produce other nutrients that are just as beneficial. Organic bottle milk is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which is a nutrient found in many health foods and supplements. Omega 3 has been shown to reduce heart disease, improve brain functions and development, and helps strengthen the immune system.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Store bought milk may include antibiotics and growth hormones that have been given to cows to increase their output. Not only are these hormones and antibiotics potentially harmful to the cattle in the long term, they can negatively impact the health benefits of the milk. Organic bottle milk is free of any such hormones or antibiotics as the cattle are never given any of these drugs. All cattle remain drug free and their milk comes straight from the farm to your door.

Environmentally Friendly

To keep store bought milk from deteriorating too quickly it is often packaged in plastic cartons with an inert gas injected into the top to stabilise the contents. These plastic containers are often toxic to the environment, don’t break down easily, and can be harmful to wildlife. Fresh milk, however, is often served in glass bottles, which is much better for the environment, with the added benefit of reuse.

Foulgers Dairy

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