Foulger’s Dairy acquires well known Suffolk & Norfolk delivery service!

Milk and groceries delivered direct to the door has been a tradition for centuries in the UK, and perfectly epitomised by the excellent services provided by Cundy’s Dairy for many decades past.

With the company's routes set in dairy farming and our historical good relationship, Foulger’s Dairy saw the acquisition of Cundy’s Dairy as a fabulous opportunity. The similarities of both businesses were uncanny, and the opportunity for us at Foulger’s Dairy to spread our network further, and service the people of North Suffolk and South Norfolk was a natural expansion and progression for the business.

The acquisition of Cundy’s delivery rounds has given us new opportunities to not only expand our demographic, but also to build further density within our rounds with more and more people now coming back to the doorstep delivery service.

The integration of Cundy’s Dairy rounds will take a little time, but it is most certainly business and service as usual. The infamous clink of glass milk bottles to coincide with the break of dawn will still be a familiar tone in the towns and villages of Suffolk and Norfolk for many decades to come, and Foulger’s Dairy looks forward to serving our new customers, and hope our newly acquired customers wil enjoy the service we have been providing to the region for the past eighty years or more!

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