Milk is not just for breakfast…

We are continually fascinated with all things milk related so imagine our surprise and delight at coming across several articles online with some interesting and unusual uses other than pouring it on your cornflakes daily.

There are some weird and wacky ideas around, here are just a few we’ve found… (we have to point out here that trying any of these at home is entirely at your own risk and we have certainly not been guinea pigs for the suggestions we found!)

Milk and your beauty regime

It’s well documented that for hundreds and thousands of years even, people have included milk in their beauty regime and it is said to be particularly beneficial to your skin. There are all sorts of concoctions for facial masks to treating calluses as well as remedies for …

Easing the symptoms of sunburn

With the hot and sunny weather that can accompany August, the potential to get sunburned is still there! Put cool milk on a cotton ball to take the sting out of a sunburn.

Taking the itch out of a bite

Create a paste using water, milk and salt. apply the paste on the bite for relief from itching.

Making your own shaving cream!

Make a paste with powdered milk and water and use as a shaving cream. Rinse with warm water.

So it turns out that Poppaea (Nero’s second wife) who kept 500 asses to provide milk for her bath and Cleopatra were on to something…

Household uses for milk

Keep fresh fish fresh

If you're been along to Suffolk coast and picked up some freshly caught fish but had to pop it in the freezer, defrost it in a bowl of milk. This apparently preserves the texture and flavour of the fish!

Make Corn on the Cob that little bit sweeter

Pour some milk into the water in a large pan and bring it to the boil. Add the corn on the cobs and cook to your preference.

Dealing with those dreaded ink stains!

This could be a handy tip to save for when the kids go back to school soon... Soak the ink stain in an equal mixture of milk and lemon juice to watch it fade away. Scrub the area with extra milk if the stain is stubborn.


Can you think of any other household uses for milk? We’d love to hear if you have any unusual uses for our morning breakfast staple ingredient.

Ps the average bath takes 80 litres of milk if you fancy giving it a go…!









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