What is the ‘Butter Board Trend’ and should you try it this Festive Season?


Perfect for Festive Feasting if you're hosting this season!

This delicious trend has whipped up a viral sensation on TikTok, but what is a butter board? Initiated by Brooklyn-based food influencer Justine Doiron, a butter board looks to fulfil the same need as a charcuterie board, it requires no cooking, looks fancy, and is extremely photogenic.

This appetiser-friendly dish is simple to create and perfect for a busy calendar of events leading up to Christmas and the New Year. To begin your perfect butter board, you start by spreading a pack of butter, not too cold, across a board, then sprinkle on tasty toppings. Toasted almonds, roasted garlic, honey, chilli flakes, fresh herbs, and fragrant citrus zest are some of our favourites.

If that sounds delectable to you, you’re not alone! Since Justine posted her short video, the hashtag #ButterBoard has racked up over 180m views, and thousands of people have put together their own.


A butter board may look perfect to snap of photo of as it’s served, but that won’t last for long because these picture-perfect creations are meant to be destroyed by foodies! To get the smorgasbord of butter and toppings into your mouth you can either scoop it up with a knife and smear it on your bread, or dive right in and dredge your bread – or radish, celery, crackers etc – through the artful arrangement.


When it comes to a butter board the most important ingredient is, you guessed it, the butter! When we’re crafting the perfect appetiser for family and friends, we recommend you use only the best from a happy herd of grass-fed Montbeliarde and Friesian cows: : Bungay Raw Butter from Fen Farm Dairy.

Packed in its own beautiful wooden box, Bungay Raw Butter is the UK’s only raw farmhouse butter produced by using a lactic culture. It is made by hand on the farm in the traditional way, by souring the cream using a cocktail of lactic bacteria, before churning and hand-paddling with traditional scotch ‘butter hands’ made from wood. It is the closest thing to the original Suffolk butter. Milk is used warm from an ancient breed of grass-fed cows, hand- picked from small farms in the Jura region of France. They only give a small amount of milk, but it is rich and high in protein, producing beautifully creamy and complex flavours.

Bungay Raw Butter is a true farmhouse butter.

The Viral Butter Charcuterie Board with Fresh Herbs, Micro Greens, Organic Honey and Toasted Baguette Slices


Hop on the trend and create your own butter board this festive season. There’s an infinite way of combining complex flavours based on your preferences, here’s a few tasty combinations to try:

· drizzle of chili crisp and thinly sliced green onions

· pickled red onion, fresh tarragon, fresh parsley, thinly sliced chives, and sea salt flakes

· dried peaches, dried tangerines, and dried strawberries with honeycomb

· diced chorizo, dollops of whole grain mustard, chopped apricots, crushed almonds, and a drizzle of honey

Of course, if you’re a cheese lover, you’ll also want to add slices of delicious cheese either on the butter board itself or as an arrangement on as a side dish:

· Strathdon Blue - The cheese is evocative of a milder version of Stilton, with a spicy taste but many blue veins. Since the milk is rich in butterfat and protein, it gives the cheese a rich, creamy texture and a luscious, mellow yet aromatic taste/aroma.

·  Barbers Farmhouse Vintage - Barber’s Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar is one of the only cheddars in the world with PDO-accreditation. Made with traditional starter cultures, West Country milk and using age-old methods, it’s typically matured for 18 months. Full-bodied and complex.

These palatable recipes are perfect to serve with crusty bread, crackers, radishes, or toasted English muffins or crumpets, to explore more cheese in the Foulgers Dairy shop.


Start your perfect butter board today with Foulgers Dairy. We offer a doorstep delivery on selected products free of charge within Suffolk (see map here), including other household and grocery essentials. Our aim has always been to supply a wide range of goods locally sourced where possible and provide a quality service that meets our customer’s needs.


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