Introducing Deft and Virusend

We are pleased to introduce to you our fantastic new range of cleaning and disinfectant products, Deft and Virusend, which we know many of you are already using!

These fantastic brands are not only offering advanced cleaning products that give your home sparkle and protection but eco-friendly, non-toxic formulas that are kind on the environment.

What is Deft?

You’ve had cleaning products before that no doubt you liked, but Deft is the cleaning product that is changing the game; their agile, effortless range of cleaning sprays are simple to use, with a guarantee you’ll never have dripping triggers that are hard to pull, splodging, chemical smells and poor formulations in heavy bottles.

With a selection to fit your needs, whether it’s kitchen, bathroom or windows, these products offer a powerful clean using a plant-based formula. Staying eco-friendly, the whole bottle including the trigger, is fully recyclable – it is a 100% recyclable solution with zero emissions, using a biodegradable, plant-based formula!

What is Deft Advanced Kitchen Cleaner?

The Advanced Kitchen Cleaner cuts through grease and grime without leaving a residue behind to give you a gorgeous sparkling kitchen, with just a quick wipe, and leaving nothing behind but a zesty tangerine scent.

What is Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner?

The Advanced Bathroom Cleaner easily dissolves soap scum and stains to give you a fresh sparkling bathroom. It tackles soap scum with only one pull off the trigger, a quick wipe and rinse, leaving behind a sparkling finish and a lovely fresh scent.

What is Deft Advanced Window Cleaner?

The Advanced Window Cleaner gets to work on grime, dirt and fingerprints before you even wipe. The mist covers surfaces evenly and is ideal for all windows, mirrors, glass tables and all other glass surfaces. Powered by compressed air, this product releases a continuous spray, so there’ll be no running or streaking, just a sparkling shine once you’ve polished it off with a cloth.

What is Deft Advanced Daily Shower?

The Daily Shower Cleaner dissolves and prevents soap scum forming on your showers with ease and leaves no nasty chemical residue, just a gorgeous gleaming shower. A great choice for one-person households and larger family households as well.

What is Virusend?

A multi-surface disinfectant spray, Virusend is a breakthrough in innovation, designed to protect individuals from the threat Coronvirus with its unique formulation that is both antibacterial and antiviral.

Combining military expertise as it was developed in conjunction with the British Army, the disinfectant contains a scientifically advanced formulation that is designed to support those in need of extra protection from the virus, such as key workers, businesses and the public. Virusend is proven to kill the Covid-19 virus in 1 minute.

Key facts about Virusend:
– Unique patented technology
– Reusable trigger with lifetime warranty
– Eliminates coronavirus in just one minute
– Zero emissions propellant
– 0% VOC’s
– The aluminium canister recycles forever
– Works 360° – even upside down
– Uses every last drop of product
– Safe to use on food preparation surfaces
– Non-flammable

Have your cleaning products refilled on your doorstep!

We want to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to buying from us, meaning we’ve made ordering these cleaning products easy, with no fuss. So, once you’ve used all your products – every last drop! – simply leave it out on the doorstep and our lovely roundsman or agent will refill it for you. You also get a discount for doing so.

Did you know: you get a lifetime warranty on your triggers

Our triggers come with a lifetime warranty. If your trigger breaks or becomes damaged, please contact your agent and we will send you a new one for free of charge.

Add these fantastic refillable cleaning products to your next Doorstep Delivery today!

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