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Deft bathroom easily dissolves soap scum and stains to give you a fresh sparkling bathroom. Enjoy the continuous mist with just a light squeeze of the trigger and cover surfaces evenly. Really makes stainless steal pop and tiles shine!

Directions for use:
Spray a continuous mist over all surfaces to be cleaned. Leave it to work its magic for a little while, then wipe, rinse and admire.

Fresh, cool and crisp

Deft® is a range of advanced eco-friendly cleaning sprays that make cleaning effortless and pain free for everyone. Cleaning can be a real pain, you know the problem; dripping triggers that are hard to pull, splodging, chemical smells, heavy bottles, generally rubbish products that don’t work as they should.

Deft changes all of this. Our agile, effortless range of cleaning sprays are simple and easy to use. We guarantee you’ll never experience the problems listed above with deft. Read more in the description tab to see how effortless cleaning can truly be.

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Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner:

Cleaning the bathroom can be a lengthy task, often resulting in achy fingers from aggressively pulling the trigger repeatedly to get your bath covered with enough cleaning solution – only to be left with lots of ineffective splodges… Deft’s Advanced Bathroom Cleaner solves this issue thanks to its continuous spray technology, evenly covering your surfaces with a fine mist of its powerful plant-based formula. It tackles soap scum with only one pull of the trigger, a quick wipe and rinse, leaving behind a sparkling finish and a lovely fresh scent.

Easy-squeeze trigger delivers even coverage.

You can say goodbye to aching fingers from repeatedly pumping the trigger when cleaning, as Deft’s clever bottles release continuous spray with just one light squeeze of the trigger. Powered by environmentally friendly compressed air rather than butane or propane, the spray head produces a fine, even mist of powerful cleaning solution, covering surfaces in seconds and avoiding the annoying splodges of foam that many other spray bottles leave behind.

Sprays at any angle to clean awkward corners

It’s one of life’s little irritations when nothing comes out of your cleaning bottle because you haven’t got it perfectly upright…but not with Deft. Their 360° Anyway Spray technology allows you to clean awkward corners with ease, dispensing spray whatever angle you’re holding your bottle. The secret? It’s all in the clever tube, which runs the whole length of the bottle and is covered with little holes – as long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube, spray will be released, so you can spray upside down, to the side… any way you like! It also means that every last drop is used, so nothing goes to waste, giving you better value for money.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Made from a non-toxic plant-based formula, it’s kind on the environment and the whole bottle – including the trigger head – is fully recyclable.

We love cleaning and we love our planet – one should not compromise the other.That’s why we developed a 100% recyclable solution with zero emissions that uses non toxic, biodegradable plant based formulas with smart-botanics for an amazing cleaning result.

How do refills work

It's simple.  When you've finished just leave your empty on the doorstep and our lovely milkmen and women will refill it for you.  They try to carry stock with them so if it is not replaced that day it will be refilled and returned the next time you have a scheduled delivery.

Ordering refills

Once you've ordered online once we do the rest.  You never need to do it again.  We will when simply charge you again for a refill when you leave your empty on on the doorstep to be refilled.  It's flexible because you can take as long as you like to use the product.  Remember when you're done to leave it on the doorstep!  Every time you leave a bottle out for refilling we will take £1 off the price to refill it. So if the normal price is £4.99 we will only charge you £3.99. Better for the environment and better for you pocket.

Virusend send nothing to landfill.  Bottles use a unique patented technology which allows them to be refilled again and again and again.

When they reach the end of their natural life the components are dissembled and sent off to a recycling facility. Nothing goes to Landfill.

They are powered by compressed air and because they use Anyway Spray technology they not only work in any direction they get every last drop, so nothing goes to waste.

How to end this flexible refill service.

As with your milk if you decide that you don't want to continue with this service please just give us a call and we'll do the rest.  When we recieve your empty bottle we will Credit you £1 per bottle to your account.

The Brand

We’ve made cleaning effortless for everyone

Cleaning can be a real pain, you know the problem; dripping triggers that are hard to pull, splodging, chemical smells, heavy bottles, generally rubbish products that don’t work as they should.

Deft changes all of this. Our agile, effortless range of cleaning sprays are simple and easy to use. We guarantee you’ll never experience the problems listed above with deft. Read on to see how effortless cleaning can truly be.

Clean in 1/2 the time

Our fine mist sprays are 2x faster to apply and wipe off than other sprays giving you more free time to do the things that matter to you. If you’re going to clean, do it right. We put effortless cleaning in your hands.

Our guarantees

  • Easy-touch trigger spray (suitable for all hands)
  • 360° spray – works upside down!
  • 2x faster application
  • Uses every last drop
  • Zero wasted chemistry
  • Non-toxic & 100% plant based
  • Natural, fresh fragrances


Is deft plant based?
Yes! Our ingredients are 100% natural, plant and mineral based and non-toxic. You’ll get great cleaning without all the harsh chemicals

My bottle looks only 80% full, is this right?
Yes. The technology inside deft needs compressed air to power the product out of the bottle.  The top 20% of the bottle is compressed air at around 10bar or around 145psi.  Because we use Anyway spray technology, only the liquid can pass though the tube and not the gas.  This means you can spray in any direction, even upside down.

Is deft recyclable?
Absolutely. Deft is not only great for your hands, it’s great for the planet. Our plastic bottles are PET (and so are the printed sleeves) which is like gold in the recycling chain – very easy to recycle! So, when you’ve used every last drop of deft, please put your bottle in the plastic recycling.

How does the spray work at any angle?
The magical Anyway Spray Technology inside means that as long as the liquid is touching the tube – it will work! You can spray a continuous spray in any orientation… even upside down!

What should I use to wipe off deft?
Everyone has their own preference. Any clean, fresh cloth, sponge or kitchen roll will work just fine.

Is deft safe around children and pets?
Yes. Our ingredients are plant based and non-toxic. Our child lock prevents the little ones from going spray crazy! Always use a directed.

How does the child lock work?
Underneath the trigger, you can a small catch. Twist the catch 90 degrees to unlock, twist back to the centre to lock the trigger.

Can I use every last drop of deft?
You sure can. The clever Anyway Spray Technology means that the liquid goes through the walls of the tube so no wasted liquid is left behind.


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