Why choose Foulgers Dairy?

Do you remember the old days when a fresh delivery of milk would be brought straight to your door? Perhaps you are intrigued by the concept, and you’ve been wondering if such a service still exists. The good news is that we, at Foulgers Dairy, can provide you with a milk delivery service that can also supply you with a range of freshly made dairy products as well as other essential household products straight to your home. Take a look at some of the benefits of signing up for our service below.

The Benefits of Our Milk Delivery Service

• No longer need to travel to and from the store. Simply pick up your delivery of milk and other products from your doorstep.
• All milk and dairy products are fresh from our farms, ensuring they have not lost any quality while sitting on store shelves.
• Having your milk delivered helps cut down on transport costs and reduces wastage, both of which are better for the environment.
• We are a local Suffolk business, and by purchasing from us you are helping to keep the local industry alive.
• We offer free delivery to customers throughout the Suffolk area, with eight professional rounds of men delivering to towns and villages across the region.

Our History

It has been 80 years since dairy farmer Norman Foulger began delivering dairy produce to the village of Grundisburgh daily. Over the years, Norman, along with his sons Edwin, John, and Geoffrey, expanded their business to cover other villages in the area. Today, Edwin’s son, Adrian, is running the family business and has expanded the delivery area to cover not just Grundisburgh, but Ipswich, Woodbridge, Kesgrave, Saxmundham, Felixstowe and other villages in between. With 3000 customers and growing, Foulgers Dairy aims to continue meeting these needs through quick and efficient delivery of locally sourced products straight to the doorstep.

What We Deliver

As part of our milk delivery service, we deliver a range of dairy products straight to your door, including local and organic milk, butter, cheese, cream, and yoghurts. We also stock a range of raw cheeses, butter and milk which can be delivered upon request. Our other products include grocery items such as honey and eggs, biscuits and bread from the bakery, drink products such as fruit juices and fizzy sodas, and a range of household and garden products. Get in touch with us today to find out more or sign up for your first delivery fresh from our batch.